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Artist Song Other games
30 Seconds to Mars Attack The Fast and the Furious, Madden NFL 06
Alkaline Trio We Can Never Break Up ATV Offroad Fury Pro
Audioslave Original Fire
The Confession Jealousy
Damone What We Came Here For
Diplo Newsflash
Diplo Tambo
Eighteen Visions Victim
Emanuel Viscera ATV Offroad Fury Pro
End of Fashion The Game
Family Force 5 Cadillac Phunque
From Autumn to Ashes Love It or Left It ATV Offroad Fury Pro
Ima Robot Creeps Me Out
Lamb of God Redneck Saints Row 2
Moneen Yodily-Odily-Odily-O
Monty Are I In This Legacy Tony Hawk's Project 8
Mutemath Typical
The Perceptionists Party Hard Skate 3, DJ Hero 2 (DLC)
Priestess Everything That You Are Project Gotham Racing 4
Rise Against Bricks
Riverboat Gamblers True Crime FlatOut Ultimate Carnage
Rock Kills Kid Raise Your Hands
Röyksopp Go with the Flow original (by Queens of the Stone Age) in Gran Turismo 4, MotorStorm Arctic Edge, Juiced: Hot Import Nights, Asphalt 8: Airborne, Freestyle Street Soccer
Senses Fail Stretch Your Legs to Coffin Length ATV Offroad Fury Pro
Someday Never The Natural Trend of Breathing
Sunny Levine Bangkok Starters
Sunny Levine Orange Stella Sound System
Supagroup Invincible Me
The Swivelheadz Get in the Car
The Swivelheadz Japanese Burn
The Swivelheadz Racetrack 3000
The Swivelheadz Rattle and Shake
The Swivelheadz Ready for the Ride
The Swivelheadz Wanna Make This