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Game Song Year Album
ATV Offroad Fury Them Bones 2001 Dirt
True Crime: Streets of LA Them Bones 2003 Dirt
True Crime: Streets of LA Would? 2003 Dirt
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Them Bones 2004 Dirt
Guitar Hero II Them Bones 2006 Dirt
Burnout Dominator Would? 2007 Dirt
Burnout Paradise Would? 2008 Dirt
Rock Band 2 Man In The Box 2008 Facelift
Guitar Hero: Metallica No Excuses 2009 Jar of Flies
Guitar Hero: Smash Hits Them Bones 2009 Dirt
Madden NFL 10 Them Bones 2009 Dirt
Rock Band Reloaded Your Decision 2010 Black Gives Way to Blue
Spec Ops: The Line Rooster 2012 Dirt
Guitar Hero Live No Excuses 2015 Jar of Flies
Guitar Hero Live Them Bones 2015 Dirt
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