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Game Song Year Album
ATV Offroad Fury Them Bones 2001 Dirt
True Crime: Streets of LA Them Bones 2003 Dirt
True Crime: Streets of LA Would? 2003 Dirt
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Them Bones 2004 Dirt
Guitar Hero II Them Bones 2006 Dirt
SingStar '80s Would? 2007 Dirt
Burnout Dominator Would? 2007 Dirt
Burnout Paradise Would? 2008 Dirt
Rock Band 2 Man In The Box 2008 Facelift
Guitar Hero: Metallica No Excuses 2009 Jar of Flies
Guitar Hero: Smash Hits Them Bones 2009 Dirt
Madden NFL 10 Them Bones 2009 Dirt
Rock Band Reloaded Your Decision 2010 Black Gives Way to Blue
Guitar Hero Live No Excuses 2015 Jar of Flies
Guitar Hero Live Them Bones 2015 Dirt
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