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Artist Song Other games
The Get Up Kids Holiday
The Get Up Kids The Company Dime
The Get Up Kids Ten Minutes Forza Horizon 3
The Get Up Kids Action & Action
The Get Up Kids I'm a Loner Dottie, a Rebel
The Anniversary Without Panasos
The Anniversary Emma Discovery
The Anniversary Till We Earned a Holiday
Time Spent Driving Glass Rose Amped 2
Time Spent Driving Here With You Amped 2
By a Thread Castle
By a Thread A Stale Goodbye
By a Thread Surface
By a Thread World to Me
By a Thread Fade
By a Thread Skin Deep
By a Thread January 25th
By a Thread Crushed Beneath
Gameface Angels on the Wing
Gameface Balance
Gameface Laughable
Gameface New Landscaping
Gameface The Problem With Me
Elliot Waiting While Under Paralysis
Elliot Lost Instrumental
Elliot Superstitions in Travel
Mock Orange Brake Lights On Amped 2
Mock Orange She Runs the Ride Amped 2
Mock Orange The City Call
The Jazz June The Scars to Prove It
The Jazz June Get on the Bus
Yellowcard A.W.O.L. Amped 2
Yellowcard Big Apple Heartbreak Amped 2
Yellowcard Drifting Amped 2
Yellowcard For Pete's Sake
Yellowcard October Nights Amped 2
Yellowcard Rock Star Land
Yellowcard Something of Value
Yellowcard Struck Amped 2
Yellowcard Trembling
Bueno Where Are We?
Reach the Sky Everybody's Hero
Reach the Sky Maybe Next Year
Reach the Sky She Really Loved You
Reach the Sky Stars Lead the Way
Reach the Sky The Chase Is On
Reach the Sky This Sadness Alone
Greyarea All Time Low Far Cry 5, Trials Rising
Greyarea Gotta Getaway
Greyarea Hold on Tight
Greyarea Never Again
Greyarea Right Now!
Greyarea Take My Chances
Greyarea Tennessee
Greyarea The Machine
Aaron Cole Bubble Gum Revolution
Aaron Cole Future Age of Leisure
Hyperviolet Amped
Hyperviolet Blue Glitter
Hyperviolet Transpose
Hyperviolet ft. Jer-Dog Carve
Red Desert Sand Slave Resin
Red Desert Sand Slave Amnesia
Insanity Void Moves
Insanity Void Heavy Tea
Insanity Void Mercy
Lunatex Epic Invasion
Lunatex Kundalini Rising
pH10 2600 Funkus
pH10 Sci-Fidelity
pH10 Corpuscle
303 Infinity Winter Rain
303 Infinity Fear Factor Test Drive: Off-Road Wide Open
Ink & Dagger The Fine Art of Original Sin (note: The GSF Resonant Mix)
Ink & Dagger The History in Ecstasy
Ink & Dagger VampireFastCode Ver 1.5
Fusion19 Fusion
whippersnapper A New Chapter
whippersnapper An Open Invitation Amped 2
whippersnapper Blinded
whippersnapper Equations
whippersnapper Life Will Go On
whippersnapper Simple Words
whippersnapper Steady the Walls
whippersnapper The Day After Tomorrow
whippersnapper The Long Walk
Hopelifter Cleaner TransWorld Surf
Hopelifter Freedom
Hopelifter Laws Against Sleep TransWorld Surf
Hopelifter Resistance
theLINE D-Term Nation Amped 2
theLINE Dig Deep Amped 2, TransWorld Surf
theLINE Monsters We Breed TransWorld Snowboarding
theLINE Take What's Ours TransWorld Snowboarding
theLINE Taken Down
theLINE What Is Creature Amped 2
Turnedown As Well As I Do
Turnedown Before Me
Turnedown Broken Necklace TransWorld Surf
Turnedown Don't Need This
Turnedown Eight Five Three
Turnedown I Know It's Different Now
Turnedown Last Goodbye
Turnedown Montana Sky
Turnedown No Way Out
Turnedown Pawns and Kings
Turnedown Remind You
Turnedown River Street TransWorld Surf
Turnedown When Things Go Right
Earth Crisis Agress
Earth Crisis Hairtrigger
The Ziggens Burpin' USA
The Ziggens Can't We All Just Get a Longboard?
The Ziggens Goin' Richter
The Ziggens I Love You Just
The Ziggens I Took My Mom to the Prom
The Ziggens Junipero Serra
The Ziggens Paper or Plastic
The Ziggens Stranded on Clicker Island
The Ziggens Surfin' Buena Park
The Ziggens The Waitress Song
The Ziggens Walk the Plank
The Enkindels 90 Chance of Fun
The Enkindels December by Chance
The Enkindels Dorothy Lane
The Enkindels Loose Screws Amped 2
The Enkindels Superego
Filibuster 6 Wheels
Filibuster Aargh St.
Filibuster Backstreets
Filibuster Blunt
Filibuster Bonus Track
Filibuster Exhibit A
Filibuster Eye 2 Eye
Filibuster Showdown Dub
Filibuster Showdown in River City
Fury 66 Forgotten Ideals Amped 2
Fury 66 Restraints
Fury 66 Self Will Amped 2
Fury 66 Words Amped 2
The Movielife 10 Seconds Too Late
The Movielife This Time Next Year Whirl Tour
The Skirts Snapshot
G-13 25 Years
G-13 90 Thin
Thursday A Hole in the World
Thursday How Long Is the Night
The Nerve Agents A Sad History
The Nerve Agents Jeckyl and Hyde
The Nerve Agents Just A Visual
The Nerve Agents The Invincible
The Nerve Agents Your Warning
Garrison After the Fight
Garrison Always Be Closing
Garrison Fuel
Garrison Selective Hearing Loss
Meg Lee Chin Bittersweet and Sour (in-game as: "Bittersweet")
Meg Lee Chin Heavy Scene
MyG Blitzkrieg
MyG Dreamweaver
MyG Drive in Music
MyG Flashy Words
MyG I'll Type Rhymes
MyG It's All Over
MyG Lemme Hear Ya Say
MyG Life Goes On
MyG Lyrical High
MyG Midnight Ridin'
MyG Nobody Wants 2 Die Alone
MyG Only Wanna Be a Lover 2U
MyG Paper Dolls
MyG Pretending Life Is Wonderful
MyG Racin' da Clock
MyG Radioland Murderers
MyG Regrets
MyG Revenge
MyG Running of the Bulls
MyG Sand Dune Planet
MyG Space Age 2000
MyG The Blood of Brimstone
MyG The Storytella
MyG Tiki Lounge Muzik
MyG We Puttin' Speakers to Test
MyG Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
Staring Back Came Up Short
Staring Back Distance Between
Staring Back Got No Game
Staring Back Jump the Gun
Staring Back Reliance
Staring Back The Situation Will Come Online
Falling Forward Character
Falling Forward Intonation
Falling Forward Natal
Falling Forward Sigh
Dirty D City of Kron
Secret Hate First Straw
Secret Hate Sunshower
The Missing 23rd Go to the Show
The Missing 23rd Stroube St. TransWorld Surf
Good4Nuthin Good4Nuthin
The Applicators I Don't Bleed
The Applicators Tear It Up
Boysetsfire In Hope
Boysetsfire Pure
Right Brigade Last Forever
Drowningman My First Restraining Order
Model American Never Forget
Model American Us vs. Them
Model American We've Had Enough
OS101 Pura Vida
OS101 Stingray's Revenge
OS101 World of Our Own
The Cuf Re-evolution
The Cuf Re-evolution RMX
The Cuf Rip This
The Cuf Sac O'tomatoes
The Cuf Tape Slang
The Cuf What Do You Think Yer Doin
Farside Seven-Day Constant
Waterdown Round Two
Waterdown Sometimes
Chola Shakemachine
Chola Uh uh
Chola We're All Waiting
Fall Silent Sometimes
Frank Jordan Starter