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Game Song Year Album
Rapid Racer (Turbo Prop Racing) Carrera Rapida 1997
FIFA 2000 Stop the Rock 1999
Gran Turismo 2 (NTSC version) Cold Rock the Mic 1999
Spider-Man (2000 video game) Spider-Man Theme Song (Remixed) 2000
Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec (NTSC version) Stop the Rock (Mint Royale Mix) 2001
ATV Offroad Fury Yo! Future 2001
F1 2002 (PS2 and PC versions) Blackbeat 2002
SX Superstar Cold Rock the Mic 2003
Gran Turismo 4 Start the Car 2004
Gran Turismo 4 Hold the Brakes 2004
EyeToy: AntiGrav complete composed soundtrack 2004
EyeToy: Groove Hustler Groove (instrumental) 2004
Forza Motorsport 2 SolidRockRazorSteel 2007
Forza Motorsport 2 Rollin' Down the Highway 2007
Cars Mater-National Championship Stop The Rock 2007
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