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Artist Song Other games
Tantrum Wooly Bully?
The Odd Numbers The Accidental
Gangster Fun Night of the Living Stove
Gangster Fun Date With Density
Gangster Fun Skarabia
Caustic Notions Wrongs to Rights
Caustic Notions (I Get) Blown Away
Caustic Notions Emergency
Blink-182 Dammit Guitar Hero Live (DLC)
Blink-182 Untitled
Diesel Boy Sleepy Soliloquy
Diesel Boy Dragonfly
Leatherface Hops & Barley
Limp Clear Color
Snuff No Reason
Snuff All You Need
Snuff Etc./
Monkey Quemara!
Leatherface Do The Right Thing
The Odd Numbers It's Alright
Tantrum Drown
Andalusia The Rain
Leatherface Books
Leatherface Evil That Men Do           
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