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Game Song Year
Karaoke Revolution I'm Coming Out 2003
Karaoke Revolution (Xbox) Stop! In The Name Of Love 2003
Donkey Konga You Can't Hurry Love 2004
Karaoke Revolution Party Endless Love 2005
Karaoke Revolution Presents American Idol Encore You Can't Hurry Love 2007
Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 (DLC) I'm Coming Out 2008
Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3 I'm Coming Out 2009
Singstar Dance Baby Love 2010
Lips (DLC) Baby Love 2010
Lips (DLC) I'm Coming Out 2010
Lips (DLC) Stop! In The Name Of Love 2010
Lips (DLC) Upside Down 2010
Lips (DLC) Where Did Our Love Go 2010
Lips (DLC) You Can't Hurry Love 2010
Lips (DLC) You Keep Me Hangin' On 2010
Just Dance 2 (DLC) You Can't Hurry Love 2010
Singstar (DLC) Baby Love 2010
Singstar (DLC) I Second That Emotion 2010
Singstar (DLC) I'm Coming Out 2010
Everybody Dance Upside Down 2011
Sing Party You Can't Hurry Love 2012
Mafia III Baby Love 2016
Mafia III Love Child 2016
Mafia III You Keep Me Hangin' On 2016
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