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There’s enough soundtrack for a double CD, all-new, original music by Welsh electro-dance group Hybrid. And that soundtrack has been remixed by contemporary heavy-hitters like DJ Shadow and Noisia.

01. The Hybrid Sessions

  1. Hybrid - All Torque
  2. Hybrid - Be Here Now
  3. Hybrid - Power Curve
  4. Hybrid - The Club Rules
  5. Hybrid - Tunnel Vision
  6. Hybrid - All Torque (Hybrid Remix)
  7. Hybrid - Be Here Now (Hybrid Remix)
  8. Hybrid - Power Curve (Hybrid Remix)
  9. Hybrid - The Club Rules (Hybrid Remix)
  10. Hybrid - Tunnel Vision (Hybrid Remix)

02. The Remix Sessions

  1. Power Curve (DJ Shadow X Bleep Bloop Remix)
  2. All Torque (Black Sun Empire Remix)
  3. Power Curve (Clark Remix)
  4. Be Here Now (Qemists Remix)
  5. Tunnel Vision (Photek Remix)
  6. Power Curve (Noisia DriveClub Remix)
  7. All Torque (Raffertie Remix)
  8. Tunnel Vision (Xcalibr Remix)
  9. All Torque (Second Storey Remix)
  10. Be Here Now (Alex Banks Remix)
  11. Power Curve (Segal Remix)
  12. The Club Rules (Kilon Tek Remix 2)
  13. All Torque (F Buttons Remix)
  14. Be Here Now (Fred V & Grafix Remix)
  15. All Torque (Elite Force Remix)
  16. The Club Rules (Kilon Tek Remix 1)
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