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EA Sports Active
Artist Song Other games
Junkie XL & Yanni Fyssas Work It! (EA Sports Active Theme Song)
Junkie XL Carving Powder
Junkie XL Helicopter Drop
Junkie XL Rail On
Junkie XL The Lift
Junkie XL The Drop In
Junkie XL Winter's Kiss
Mark O'Grady (PRS), Mike Sampey (PRS) Adrenaline
Mark O'Grady (PRS), Mike Sampey (PRS) Kepp It Movin
Mark O'Grady (PRS), Mike Sampey (PRS) Neon Lights
Joshua Frederick Powell (PRS), Gary Dedman, Kevin Andrews, Chris Hanson Anita's Fave
Phil Nicholas (PRS) Astra
MC Magico, Alex Wilson (PRS) Boom
Mark Nolan (GEMA), David Redwitz (GEMA) Buzzy Bee
Russell McNamara (PRS) California Highway Patrol
Simon Cristopher Russel (PRS) Come Spy With Me
Simon Cristopher Russel (PRS) Row Energy
Tubefreak [SACEM] Dance Club
Paul Borg (PRS) Dance Floor Diva
Paul Borg (PRS) Inside Yourself
Paul Borg (PRS) Rooftop Party
Paul Borg (PRS) Vinyl Jungle
Dan Bierton (PRS) Disco Dancer
Jewell Kennedy (GEMA), Jonathan Plant (AKM), Xyco [GEMA] DJ Night Groove
S. Raoofi (PRS) Don't Look Down
S. Raoofi (PRS) Garage Band
S. Raoofi (PRS) Nifty Groove
S. Raoofi (PRS) Watching Stars
S. Raoofi (PRS) 808 Jam
Peter Boyes (PRS), Oli Silk Electromatic
Sonic Cuts Flashback
Mike Sampey (PRS) Free Stylin
Mike Sampey (PRS) Funky Steppa
Mike Sampey (PRS) Hyper Heaven
Mike Sampey (PRS) Supastar
Mercuryhead [PRS], Andrew David Lee (PRS) Forever Disco
Thomas Bruce Wilding (PRS) Highland Place
Robert Narholz, Andy Lutschounig I Like Your Shoes
Richard Francis Brown (PRS) Like A Glove
Gallileo Seven (ASCAP), Marvin Strait, Dre Zagman Like A Really Heavy Thing
DJ Chrissy [GEMA], DJ Hotnail [GEMA] Megadyne
Michael Peters (PRS) No One Home
Diogo Do Santos Ode to Natasha
Diogo Do Santos Vogue
Dee Tone (PRS), Dominic Holmes (PRS) Paper Man
Gary Dedman, Kevin Andrews, Chris Hanson Rhythm of Life
Daniel Carl Holter (ASCAP), Old Man Malcolm Throw Ya Hands Up
Toby Baker (PRS), Paul Borg (PRS) Word of Mouth
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