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Artist Song Other games
burnthe8track In Full Return
burnthe8track Two Worlds Apart
burnthe8track My Own Flag
Calcutta Consciously Unconscious
Calcutta Get Away
Calcutta Driving On
Calcutta Crimson Sky
Calcutta Alarms
Calcutta The World Alone
Concept Gothic Voices NFL 2K5
Concept Evolution! NFL 2K5
Concept Eternal Life NFL 2K5
From Satellite Fair is Fair
From Satellite Mouth
Grinder Everything College Hoops 2K5
Grinder All That I Want College Hoops 2K5
Grinder No Fun
Halfway to Gone Turnpike College Hoops 2K5
Halfway To Gone King of Mean NHL 2K6, College Hoops 2K5
Heads Up All I Need
Heads Up A.R.H.
Heads Up Picture Perfect
Novadriver Void College Hoops 2K5
Phil Ranelin Sounds from the Village
Recliner Making a Friend College Hoops 2K5
Recliner All Pleasure College Hoops 2K5
Recliner Bonus Track College Hoops 2K5
Silent But Deadly Red Ice
Silent But Deadly Playoff Moustache
Silent But Deadly Givin' 'Em Lumber
Trans Am Play In The Summer NHL 2K6, College Hoops 2K5
The Ultimate Lovers Rock and Roll Fight
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