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Artist Song Other games
Juno Reactor Badimo
Juno Reactor Mona Lisa Overdrive
Juno Reactor, Gocoo Teahouse
Juno Reactor Dante
Elite Force Mainframe Wrekka
Chris Vrenna Take the Pill Toxic Grind
Andrew Hunter Go SSX 3, Total Club Manager 2004, Richard Burns Rally, Downhill Domination
Evanescence Going Under
Herrera Productions Inc. Bullet Time
Celldweller Symbiont Rallisport Challenge 2, Road Rash: Jailbreak
Celldweller Switchback Project Gotham Racing 3, Dead Rising 2
Fluke Atom Bomb Wipeout 2097, the sound of Gran Turismo
Robert Dougan Clubbed to Death (Hybrid Mix) Tom Middleton Remix in World Tour Soccer 2003
Robert Dougan Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Mix) see above.
Clawfinger 15 Minutes Of Fame
Ged Grimes Dodge This
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