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Artist Song Other games
Dry Cell Slip Away
Dry Cell Body Crumbles (Demo/Sampler) *Trailer only Studio version in Madden NFL 2003
The Crystal Method Name of The Game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (Intro/Credits), Need for Speed: Underground (Beta?), Project Velocity
The Humble Brothers Crater
The Humble Brothers Crossfire
The Humble Brothers 50:1
The Humble Brothers DJ Superfly
The Humble Brothers Particle Beam
The Humble Brothers Tilt
The Humble Brothers Trixter
Stef Burns (Guitar), Myron Dove (Bass), David Lauser (Drums), Ramon Jones (Vocals), Isaac Ramirez (Vocals), Don Veca (Composed and produced) Ya Smell Me
Stef Burns (Guitar), Myron Dove (Bass), David Lauser (Drums), Spectrasonics , Don Veca (Composed and Produced) A Really Scary Song
Stef Burns (Guitar), Myron Dove (Bass), David Lauser (Drums), Don Veca (Composed and Produced) The Chili Biscuit Tango
Bob Logan (Guitar), Don Veca (Bass), The Front-End Players - Vocals, Marc Farly (Synthesizer Programming), Don Veca (Bass) Freekstyle
Joseph Saba & Stewart Winter I Think It's Broken
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