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Main soundtrack

Main game

Artist Song Notes Other games
Dj-Nate Clubstep
Dj-Nate Electrodynamix
Dj-Nate Theory Of Everything
Dj-Nate Theory Of Everything 2
DJVI Back On Track
DJVI Base After Base
DJVI Can't Let Go
DJVI Cycles
DJVI Dry Out
DJVI xStep
F-777 Deadlocked
ForeverBound Stereo Madness
Kevin MacLeod BossaBossa Shop theme
Kevin MacLeod March Of The Spoons Community shop theme
Kevin MacLeod Sneaky Snitch Secret shop theme
MDK Fingerbang Known as "Fingerdash" in game
Ocular Nebula Stay Inside Me Practice mode theme
Step Polargeist
Waterflame Blast Processing
Waterflame Clutterfunk
Waterflame Electroman Adventures
Waterflame Geometrical Dominator
Waterflame Hexagon Force
Waterflame Jumper Castle Crashers
Waterflame Time Machine

Geometry Dash Meltdown

Artist Song Notes Other games
F-777 Airborne Robots
F-777 The Seven Seas
F-777 Viking Arena

Geometry Dash World

Artist Song Notes Other games
Dex Arson Beast Mode
Dex Arson ft. Stacey Hunt Embers
Dex Arson Frontlines
Dex Arson Machina
Dex Arson Payload
Dex Arson Round 1
Dex Arson Years
F-777 Monster Dance Off
Waterflame Space Pirates
Waterflame Striker

Geometry Dash SubZero

Artist Song Notes Other games
BoomKitty PowerTrip
Bossfight Nock Em Asphalt 9: Legends
MDK Press Start

Rumored songs

Here's a list of songs that are rumored to be in future Geometry Dash updates

Artist Song Reason
Hinkik Explorers This is the likeliest song to be teased in RobTop's official 2.2 song hint
Dj-Nate Electrodynamix 2 Dj-Nate said himself he wants this song to be featured
Dj-Nate Theory Of Everything 3 Dj-Nate said himself he wants this song to be featured
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