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Game Song Year Album
NHL 2003 Sweetness 2002 Bleed American
Burnout 3: Takedown Just Tonight... 2004 Futures
Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Pain 2004 Futures
NCAA March Madness 2005 The Middle (cover) 2004 Bleed American
Gran Turismo 4 Nothing Wrong 2004 Futures
Karaoke Revolution Party Pain 2005 Futures
Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Pain 2005 Futures
Burnout Paradise Electable (Give It Up) 2008 Chase This Light
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Always Be 2008 Chase This Light
Rock Band 2 The Middle 2008 Bleed American
Guitar Hero World Tour The Middle 2008 Bleed American
Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades The Middle 2008 Bleed American
Rock Band 2 (DLC) Futures 2009 Futures
Rock Band 2 (DLC) Lucky Denver Mint 2009 Clarity
Rock Band 2 (DLC) Sweetness 2009 Bleed American
Rock Band Unplugged The Middle 2009 Bleed American
Guitar Hero 5 Bleed American 2009 Bleed American
Guitar Hero: Van Halen Pain 2009 Futures
Tony Hawk's Shred My Best Theory 2010 Invented
The Sims 3: Generations Movielike 2011 Invented
Shift 2: Unleashed Action Needs an Audience 2011 Invented
Rock Band VR The Middle 2017 Bleed American
Rock Band 4 (DLC) All the Way (Stay) 2020 Surviving
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