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Game Song Year Album
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Summer Madness 2002 Light of Worlds
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Hollywood Swinging 2004 Wild and Peaceful
EyeToy: Groove Jungle Boogie 2004 Wild and Peaceful
Tony Hawk's Project 8 Summer Madness 2006 Light of Worlds
Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2 Jungle Boogie 2007 Wild and Peaceful
Pop'n'music Celebration (Cover) 2009 Celebrate!
U-Sing Celebration 2009 Celebrate!
DJ Hero 2 Jungle Boogie 2010 Wild and Peaceful
Just Dance 2 Jungle Boogie 2010 Wild and Peaceful
Dance Paradise Celebration 2010 Celebrate!
Dance Dance Revolution (2010) Celebration 2010 Celebrate!
Lips: I Love The 80's Celebration 2010 Celebrate!
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