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Artist Song Other Games
AFI The Nephilim
Black Label Society Doomsday Jesus
The Descendents Everything Sux
The Distillers Dismantle Me
Disturbed Intoxication NFL GameDay 2004
Dope Bitch
Dope Burn
Dope Falling Away
Dope Motivation
Dope So Low
The Faders Lonely Punk
Faith No More Digging The Grave
FEAR No More Nothing
God Forbid Better Days
Ill Niño When it Cuts
Ill Niño Te Amo (I Hate You)
Ill Niño Rebirth
Ill Niño Cleansing
Ill Niño Two (Vaya Con Dios)
Jet Take It Or Leave It MLB 2005
Metallica Motorbreath
The Misfits 20 Eyes
Pennywise Now I Know
Slipknot Don't Get Close
Slipknot Wait And Bleed
Slipknot The Heretic Anthem (Instrumental) original in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
Static-X Destroy All
The Stooges Funhouse
Thrice Artist In The Ambulance Test Drive: Eve Of Destruction
Vaux Switched On
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