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Artist Song Other games
3volution 2Stroke
3volution Bar Banging
3volution Beef Swank
3volution Holeshot
3volution Legend West
3volution The Edge
3volution Throttle Up
3volution Whiplash
Al Ross Braker
Asking Alexandria Break Down The Walls
Asking Alexandria Into The Fire (RADIO)
Auburn X Negative
Don't Kill It Flood
Forming Stories Roots
Forming Stories Win
Helicopter Showdown Future Proof
Highest Conspiracy Burning On Fire
INF1N1TE Alone
INF1N1TE & Konus Senpai
Jason Charles Miller Reckless
Lettuce Mount Crushmore
Lettuce Silverdome
Main Event Noise
Main Event Thunder Rain
MX vs ATV Dirt Warriors
MX vs ATV Dune Riders
MX vs ATV Pacific East
Orgy Army To Your Party
Run Definitely Run Unstoppable
Run, Definitely Run! We're Not Alone
Sicmonic Afterburn
Slash Mx vs ATV Vanishing Point
Sluggo Game Life ft. Auburn X
Sluggo Rest In Pieces
Sluggo & Architekt Salt Rifle
Sluggo & Perkulat0r Righteous
Sluggo & Vulture vs Lion Grasp
Sluggo & WBxMB Lighta
Stick To Your Guns Amber
Stitched Up Heart Monster
Structures Extinction
Sub Gnostic Hush
Sullivan King Don't Care
Sullivan King The Glock
Tankman & Lank The Fek
The Black Moods Moving On
The Breadman Lives Roma Elise
The Dukes Idiocracy
The Exiled Martyr Glass Kingdom
The Offspring All I Want Crazy Taxi, Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire, Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller
The Offspring Days Go By
The Offspring The Kids Aren't Alright (INST) Guitar Hero Live
Throw logic Feed me Adrenaline
Torche Blasted
Underwater Time Machine Dungeons of the Lost
Vulture vs Lion Gizmo
Whiskers Crash Landing
Whiskers Jet Puffed