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Artist Song Other games
Authority Zero Revolution
Black Eyed Peas feat. Papa Roach Anxiety WWE WrestleMania 21
Papa Roach Getting Away With Murder Gran Turismo 4 Vrenna/Walsh Remix in Gran Turismo 4
Bullets and Octane Pirates
Crossfade Cold
Earshot Wait Madden NFL 2005
Kottonmouth Kings Let's Ride
Mudmen Animal Burnout 3: Takedown
Ozomatli Saturday Night Madden NFL 2005, Sleeping Dogs, Dance Dance Revolution Universe
Nickelback Because of You
Phunk Junkeez Magnetic Mic Control
Powerman 5000 Heroes and Villains
Pillar Bring Me Down MLB 2006
Riddlin' Kids Stop the World
Rise Against Give It All FlatOut 2, Need for Speed: Underground 2
Shinedown Fly From the Inside MVP Baseball 2003
Skindred Nobody Need for Speed: Underground 2
Strung Out Analog Full Auto 2: Battlelines
Unwritten Law Celebration Song Need for Speed: Underground 2
Trust Company Stronger
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