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Artist Song Other games
Boys Like Girls On Top of the World
Cheap Trick Hello There Rock Band 2
Coheed and Cambria A Favor House Atlantic ATV Offroad Fury 3
Dirty Secrets White Lies MotoGP '07 (THQ)
Europe The Final Countdown Saints Row 2, NHL 11, Just Dance 4, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Lego Rock Band, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, DropMix
Hey Monday Should've Tried Harder
Len Steal My Sunshine Singstar 90s
Daniel Lenz Groovin' Now
Lit Lipstick and Bruises
Loverboy The Kid Is Hot Tonight
Nortec Collective Tengo la Voz
Ted Nugent Motor City Madhouse
Judas Priest You've Got Another Thing Comin' Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, NHL 12
The Romantics What I Like About You Cars Mater-National Championship, cover in Karaoke Revolution Party and Guitar Hero Rocks The 80s
Royal Temple Baila
Royal Temple Block Party
Royal Temple Ooh Ah!
Royal Temple World Wide
Chris Sernel Take It or Leave It
SR-71 Right Now MTV Sports: T.J. Lavin's Ultimate BMX, Splashdown
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