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Game Song Year
Tony Hawk's Underground Crusher Destroyer 2003
Need for Speed: Most Wanted Blood And Thunder 2005
Project Gotham Racing 3 Blood And Thunder 2005
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Iron Tusk 2005
NFL Street 3 The Wolf Is Loose 2006
Saints Row Blood And Thunder 2006
NHL 2K9 Iron Tusk 2008
Saints Row 2 Colony of Birchmen 2008
Madden NFL 10 Divinations 2009
Brütal Legend Crack the Skye 2009
Brütal Legend Oblivion Instrumental 2009
Splatterhouse Blood And Thunder 2010
Saints Row: The Third Divinations 2011
Need for Speed: The Run Curl Of The Burl 2011
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