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Artist Song Other games
8-Off Agallah Midnight Club Theme
8-Off Agallah & Ike Eyes Ride Out
Blue Warta Midnight Club II
ACM Elements Of Trance (DJ Kim's Reload Mix)
Alpinestars Jump Jet
Antenna Round About Midnight
Art of Trance Blue Owl'
Art of Trance Stealth
Axus When I Fall In Love (Strike Acid Dub)
Bipath Paranoize (Flip Path Mix)
Bluemarten Simon and Lisa
Bluemarten Home Videos
DJ Robert & Martinez Brothers Electrified
D-Noiser Bain 26 (Question Non Vocal Mix)
D-Noiser Brain 29 (Demon Of The Church Mix)
D-Noiser Brain 30 (Brain Train (Psycho Mix)
Felix Da Housecat Silverscreen (Shower Scene) Static Revenger Remix in SSX 3
Felix Da Housecat Sequel 2 Sub
Golden Boy ft. Miss Kittin Nix
Golden Boy ft. Miss Kittin It's Good For You To Meet People Like Us
Jack Henderson Syntrax
Kansai Roccoco
Kinnder Space Station
Michael Da Brain Brain 21: Something For Your Mind (Kaylab Remix)
Michael Da Brain Brain 35: Only an Illusion
Mistress Barbara vs. Barbara Brown Never Could I Have Your Heart
Moogroove Mirage
Nokternal Aurora
Patient Zero Live 135
Projections Escaping Sao Paulo
Subtech Timeshift
Thomas Bangalter Extra Dry
Thomas Bangalter Outrun
Thomas Bangalter Turbo
Tommy Tee ft. Masta Ace What Is It?
Tony Touch ft. Doo Wop G's Up (Feat Doo Wop)
Tre Little Let's Go
Tre Little Put Your Top Down
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