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MotoGP Capcom1
Artist Song Other games
Peer Taraldsen Chromic
Subsource This Town (Lost In London Mix)
LeGrand Dance Dance Dance (pigmix)
Swain & Paris feat. Neive Armstrong Come As One (Vandal Remix)
Darren Wilsey Fade Out
Vandal Obey (DJ Quest Remix)
Josh Crocker Fistful of Blood
Born Tricky & Mr. Frisk Let Me Out (Hyper Remix)
Mon Roe Get Away (pigmix)
Ben Preston The Gap
Cosmic Ballroom Psycho (pigmix) (Instrumental)
Adam Form Hotspot
Jane Fontana Sleeper (Instrumental)
Stuart Churchill feat. Jessica Grande Dark Delay
Josh Crocker Son of Cain
Sink To See Speakers (pigmix)
Titus Gein Liquid Persuasion
Disco Ensemble Black Euro
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