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NCAA Football 2006

Prior to the release of NCAA Football 06, the only music featured in the game were fight songs of several major colleges. These would play at random, however the user-selected "favorite team" would always have their fight song played first whenever the game was first started. NCAA Football 06 was the first and last to include licensed music to keep the series in uniform with other EA Sports releases such as Madden NFL and the NHL series. This format was dropped for NCAA Football 07, with the soundtrack returning to college fight songs. However, it was possible to turn off the licensed music and listen to the fight songs in NCAA Football 06. - Wikipedia

Artist Song Other games
Bad Religion Atomic Garden
The Clash Train in Vain (Stand by Me) Forza Horizon 2
De La Soul Me Myself and I NBA Street V3, Get Up & Dance
Guided by Voices Teenage FBI
Jawbreaker Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault
Lagwagon Know It All
Lush Ladykillers
Mother Love Bone This Is Shangri-La
The Mr. T Experience More Than Toast
Ned's Atomic Dustbin Kill Your Television
NOFX Jeff Wears Birkenstocks?
Pixies Debaser Skate 3, Forza Horizon 2
Superchunk Hyper Enough
The Pietasters Out All Night Street Sk8er
Therapy? Nowhere Smash Bandits