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NHL 2003

NHL 2003 is a 2002 ice hockey game in the NHL series, developed by EA Canada.

Menu soundtrack

Artist Song Other games
Default Deny
Greenwheel Strong
Gob Sick With You
In House GinSonic
In House Greyhound
Jimmy Eat World Sweetness
Papa Roach She Loves Me Not

Gameplay only soundtrack

Artist Song Other games
Blindside Pitiful
Celldweller Stay With Me (Unlikely) Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
Celldweller Switchback Project Gotham Racing 3
Dead Star Hotel Frustrated
Default Slow Me Down Evolution Skateboarding
Dragpipe Simple Minded Downhill Domination
Gob I've Been Up These Steps
M.ill.ion Showstopper
Queens of the Stone Age No One Knows Dirt 4, Guitar Hero; UNKLE Remix in Test Drive: Unlimited, SSX 3, Race Driver: Grid
Trapt Headstrong MX Unleashed, Showdown: Legends of Wrestling 2
Treble Charger Hundred Million Splashdown 2: Rides Gone Wild


Artist Song Other games Marketing type
Andrew W.K. Party Hard Madden NFL 2003, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, Rock Band 3 (DLC), Guitar Hero Live (DLC) E3 trailer

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