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NOTE: The songs in bold are New Tunes. The songs in italic are exclusive for PS2 and/or XBOX version.

BanYa Channel

Artist/Group Song Other Games
BanYa Final Audition 3 U.F
BanYa Naissance 2
BanYa Monkey Fingers [playable with code]
BanYa Oh! Rosa (spanish) [playable with code]
BanYa First Love (spanish) [playable with code]
BanYa Blazing
BanYa Pump Me Amadeus
BanYa X-Treme
BanYa Get Up!
BanYa Canon-D [PS2 only] Pump It Up Exceed 2
BanYa Ignition Starts
BanYa Hypnosis
BanYa Hate
BanYa Koul
BanYa Final Audition
BanYa Extravaganza
BanYa Final Audition 2
BanYa Naissance
BanYa Turkey March
BanYa Nightmare
BanYa She Likes Pizza
BanYa Pumping Up!
BanYa Oh! Rosa
BanYa First Love
BanYa Betrayer [Arcade only]
BanYa Solitary
BanYa Mr. Larpus
BanYa Rolling Christmas
BanYa All I Want For Xmas [Arcade only]
BanYa Beethoven Virus
BanYa Dr. M
BanYa Get Your Groove On [Arcade only]
BanYa Love Is A Danger Zone
BanYa Maria
BanYa My Way
BanYa Point Break
BanYa Street Show Down
BanYa Winter
BanYa Will-O-The-Wisp
BanYa Oy Oy Oy [Arcade only]
BanYa Vook
BanYa Csikos Post
BanYa Bee
BanYa D Gang
BanYa Hello
BanYa Beat Of The War
BanYa Come To Me
BanYa Chicken Wing
F2 Original (credited as F2 Systems) Radezky Can Can [appear on K-Pop Channel]

K-Pop Channel

Artist Song Other games
Crash Dignity (Mixed version)
OneTwo Shake That Bootie
BoA Valenti
Crash What Do You Really Want?
U;Nee Go
Oliver Flamenco
S'Max One Love
Asoto Union We Don't Stop
Fin.K.L. Forever Love
Yoo Seung Jun Passion
Clon Come To Me
Clon Funky Tonight
Novasonic Hatred
Novasonic Another Truth (Cordiality)
H.O.T Fighting Spirits
Sechskies Com'Back
Sechskies Mobius Strip
Tashannie Don't Bother Me (Caution)
Yoo Seung Jun Love Song
6 Mill Bionic Juno To The Top
Deux We Are
Baby VOX A Trap
DJ DOC Run To You [Arcade only]
Novasonic Run!
Deux Come Back To Me
Kim Sung Jae As I Told You
Novasonic Slam
E-Paksa Space Fantasy [Arcade only]
To-Ya Go Away
Hanul Gotta Be Kidding!
Diva Perfect!
Novasonic Empire of the Sun
Crying Nut Circus Magic (Sokosu Magic)
Duke Starian
Honey Family The Rap: Act. 3
T.T.MA Loner
E-Paksa Monkey Magic [Arcade only]
Lee Hyun Do Pierrot

Pop Channel

Artist Song Other Games
Debbie Scott (original by Sixpence None The Richer) Kiss Me original in SingStar '90s, Lips: Party Classics
Kaoma Essa Maneira
Kristeen Ba Be Loo Be Ra StepManiaX
Los Niños de Sara La Cubanita
ROD Shake It Up
Victoria Power Of Dream
Victoria Watch Out
El Cuba (original by DJ Mendez) Fiesta
General Grant Soca Make Yuh Ram Ram
P. Hernandez & B. Thomas Born To Be Alive
Los del Ritmo (original by As Meninas) Xibom Bombom
Elvis Presley A Little Less Conversation (Junkie XL Remix) Just Dance
Pandera I Love You Baby Pump It Up Zero (Arcade), Pump It Up NX - New Xenesis
Earth, Wind & Fire Let's Groove Scarface: The World Is Yours, Lips (DLC), Just Dance 2016; cover in DDRMAX Dance Dance Revolution 6thMix, Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (US PlayStation 2)
The Crystal Method Name of the Game
The Sugarhill Gang Rapper's Delight See Here
Steriogram Walkie Talkie Man MVP Baseball 2004, MLB 2005, Elite Beat Agents, SingStar Pop Vol. 2
Papa Gonzales Bambole
B-Legit, 2wice and 4tray Burning Krypt [Arcade only]
2wice Can You Feel Dis or Dat [Arcade only]
Scoop feat. Joyce Lyle Clap Your Hands
Queen Latin (original by Miami Sound Machine) Conga
Rodney O and Joe Cooley DJ Nightmare [Arcade only]
Mozquito Eres Para Mi
DJ Paula Fiesta Macarena Pt. 1 [Arcade only]
Kay Kent On Your Side [Arcade only]
Carlos T. Quilla Everybody [Arcade only]
Gans Join The Party
Fresno Lay It Down [Arcade only]
Lisa Cool and The Soul Spirit (original by The 5th Dimension) Let The Sunshine [Arcade only]
Down Low Lovething [Arcade only]
Mozquito Mexi Mexi
Rodney O and Joe Cooley You Don't Wanna Runup [Arcade only]
P!nk Get The Party Started [Arcade only] Summer Heat Beach Volleyball, Pump It Up The Prex 3, SingStar (2004), Boogie, Lips (DLC), Tap Star, Rock Band 3 (DLC), Beatstar