Videogame soundtracks Wiki
Artist/Group Song Other games
People Crew Flower of Night
Crying Nut Circus Magic (Sokosu Magic)
Tin Tin Five Move Your Head
N.EX.T (I Am) Trash Man
B.O.K Funky Jockey
Duke Starian Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix (Arcade) (Korean version 2)
X-Teen Big Money
O.P.P.A Wayo Wayo
U'Two Mistake (Guilty Conscience)
Honey Family The Rap: Act. 3
BanYa Chicken Wing
F2 Original (F2 Systems) Holiday
F2 Original (F2 Systems) Radezky Can Can (remixes of "Can Can from Orpheus in the Underworld" by Jacques Offenbach and "Radetzky March" by Johann Strauss I)
Yoo Seung Jun Wish You Could Find
T.T.Ma Loner
E-paksa (original by Godiego) Monkey Magic
Deux Out of the Ring
O-24 Blind Faith
N.EX.T Lazenca, Save Us
DJ DOC Ferry Boat
Lee Hyun Do Pierrot
BanYa Final Audition Episode 1
Clon First Love Mix (Cho Ryum Mix)
Honey Family and People Crew Extra Hip-Hop Remix
E-paksa E-paksa Remix
O-24 and X-Teen Extra Disco Remix
Deux Extra Deux Remix
BanYa F.A. Ep. 1 + Chicken Wing Remix (BanYa Extra Remix)