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Artist Song Other games
April Wine I Like to Rock
April Wine Sign of the Gypsy Queen
Blue Öyster Cult (Don't Fear) the Reaper True Crime: New York City, Shaun White: Snowboarding, Prey
Blue Öyster Cult Burnin' for You Rock Band 4 (DLC)
Foghat Slow Ride Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Foreigner Hot Blooded Guitar Hero: World Tour (DLC)
Foreigner Waiting for a Girl Like You Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, cover in Karaoke Revolution Party
Great White Rock Me
Judas Priest Heading Out to the Highway
Judas Priest You've Got Another Thing Comin'
King Kobra Redline to Your Heart
King Kobra Mean Street Machine note: "Street Machine" Writer C. Appice, D. Phillips
Leo Sayer When I Need You
Rick Springfield Jessie's Girl Guitar Hero Live (DLC), cover in Karaoke Revolution Vol. 2
  • Original Compositions By: The Fuzz Brothers, Michael S. Kreple, Richard Meijer
  • Additional Musicians: Sean Carter, Brian Chap
Blister Canyon
Death Match
Drive to Survive
Highway Hunter
Killers Unite
Metal Storm
New World Order
No Man's Land
Paradise City
Sand City
Straight to Hell
The Ballad of Ethen Cain
The Crusher
The Rot
We Rock

There also unknown songs:

  • "Last To Fall" - Written by SlickMowf, produced by Spliff HeadROC
  • "Dope Man" - Written by Rum, engineered by Dell
  • "Bitch" - Written and performed by Rum, additional vocals by Clint Wilkinson
  • "We Don't Play" - Written by Blackass Wayne, Big D, Big Mark, produced by Alienz, Executive Producer - World Fame
  • "Don't Want It" - Written by Ticket Slim, C-Pone, produced by Alienz, Executive Producer - World Fame
  • "Stick Up Anthem" - Written and produced By Spliff HeadROC
  • "Rules of the Game" Written By SlickMowf
  • "Rules of the Game" Produced By Spliff HeadROC
  • "Move S.O.B." Written By Rum
  • "Move S.O.B." Produced By Dub Young Hustlers
  • "Snap Your Neck" Written By Massive
  • "Snap Your Neck" Produced By Spliff HeadROC
  • "Main Thang" Written By Big C.
  • "Main Thang" Produced By Alienz
  • "Main Thang" Executive Producer World Fame
  • "Spit Fire" Written By Blackass Wayne, Dirty Red, Ticket Slim
  • "Spit Fire" Produced By Alienz
  • "Spit Fire" Executive Producer World Fame
  • "I Don't Know" Written By Rum
  • "I Don't Know" Produced By Rum
  • "I Don't Know" Featuring TRI
  • "Put Your Hand Up" Written By Starbuxx, The Slumpmasters, Taboris Bland
  • "Put Your Hand Up" Produced By Massive, Starbuxx
  • "Shake It" Written By Rum, Clint, Ralo
  • "Shake It" Produced By Rum
  • "No Betta" Written By Slumpmastrs
  • "No Betta" Produced By Starbuxx
  • "Dreg Lords" Written By Dirty Red, Jah Born
  • "Dreg Lords" Produced By Alienz
  • "Dreg Lords" Executive Producer World Fame
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