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Artist Song Other games
Blacklight Posterboys If The Animals Could Talk
Celldweller (CellDweller in game) Symbiont Rallisport Challenge 2
CIV Living Life
Chevelle Mia Project Gotham Racing
Com Doggy Dog & the 1/2 lb. Flyboys Theme
Home Cookin' Soul Space Express
Lead Pipe Cinch Is It Just Me?
Poet Jester Cyclops
Punchbuggy Cletus
Pushmonkey Maybe
Signal 12 Bye Bye Biff
Slave Unit Mold
The Lenny Rocillo Project Thumb Truck
The Suburban Vamps Surf Vamps
The Ziggens Surfin' Beuna Park
Turd Automatic
Unjust Searching Eyes
Vice Sweenie
Your Mom Cosa Nostra
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