Videogame soundtracks Wiki
Artist Song Other games
Alec Empire The Ride
AQ Tech Freeloader
Audible Monsters Knowledge is Poor
Beatbarn ft. DJ Mel and J-Flat I Am
Chuck D Spinpsychoz
Del tha Funkee Homosapien The Izm
DJ Q-Bert Turbo Foot Clan
D-on-25 ft. RIP Rollin
Dr. Chuffenstein Rombostic Bimbectomide
Dr. Chuffenstein Transpanular Pedalic Collision
Fingerbangerz F-BZ
Fingerbangerz Rollin' Champs
Fingerbangerz Say
Fingerbangerz ft. Mark D 2002
Good Company Babylon
Hieroglyphics ft. Del At the Helm Tony Hawk's Project 8
Hot Snakes Past Lives
Krafty Kuts Rolling
Lee Coombs The Roller
Brothers From Another Planet Hey Mom
No Clue Find the Truth
No Clue I Just Farted
No Clue Unlock the Door
Not Katies November Girl
P.I.M.P.S. Anxious
P.I.M.P.S. Over Your Head
RJD2 Chicken-Bone Circuit
RJD2 ft. Blueprint Final Frontier
Rob Paine Seeing Dubbed
Suv Ripcurl
The Art of Fact 3Days 2Nights
The Art of Fact Collapses
The Art of Fact Demolition
The Art of Fact It's Endless
The Art of Fact We Suck
The Art of Fact Yesterday
The Dyslexics Illingual
The Hives Hate to Say I Told You So Forza Horizon
Sultans Shakedown
The Von Bondies It Came From Japan Crash 'n' Burn
The Von Bondies Lack of Communication