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Game Song Year Album
World Cup USA '94 No Pain No Gain 1994 Face the Heat
World Cup USA '94 Under the Same Sun 1994 Face the Heat
SSX on Tour Dynamite 2005 Blackout
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Rock You Like A Hurricane 2006 Love at First Sting
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Rock You Like A Hurricane 2007 Love at First Sting
The Simpsons Game Rock You Like a Hurricane (God's Wroth Remix) 2007 original from Love at First Sting
NHL 10 Rock You Like A Hurricane 2009 Love at First Sting
Gran Turismo 5 The Sails of Charon 2010 Taken by Force
NBA 2K18 The Zoo 2017 Animal Magnetism
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