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Artist Song Other Games
Sink Alaska Hitless Wonder Skateboard Party 3
Sink Alaska Dolphins Used to Live on the Land Skateboard Party 3
Sink Alaska The World Ain't How It Seems Gunny Snowboard Party World Tour ("How" is changed to "What" in-game)
We Outspoken I Don't Know
We Outspoken Tonight Snowboard Party World Tour
We Outspoken What We Stand For Snowboard Party, Downhill Xtreme
Melodic In Fusion Empty V Skateboard Party 3
Melodic In Fusion Time Goes By Skateboard Party 3
Hit Play! A Pleasant View
Hit Play! Going For a Ride
Voice of Addiction Modern Day Meltdown Skateboard Party 3
Voice of Addiction Same Old Song Snowboard Party World Tour
Moovalya Hail to the Hearts
Moovalya Stay True
Moovalya To The Throne
Beta Cassiopea II (Instrumental)
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