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Game Song Year Album
Tony Hawk's Underground White Riot 2003 The Clash
NCAA Football 06 Train In Vain 2005 London Calling
Scarface: The World Is Yours Police And Thieves 2006 The Clash
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Clash City Rockers 2007 The Clash
Rock Band Should I Stay Or Should I Go 2007 Combat Rock
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Complete Control 2008 The Clash
Skate 2 Death Or Glory 2009 London Calling
Guitar Hero: Van Halen Safe European Home 2009 Give 'Em Enough Rope
Just Dance 2 Should I Stay Or Should I Go 2010 Combat Rock
Sleeping Dogs I Fought The Law 2012 Single
Forza Horizon 2 Train In Vain 2014 London Calling
Battlefield Hardline This Is Radio Clash 2015 Single
Far Cry 5 Should I Stay Or Should I Go 2018 Combat Rock
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