Videogame soundtracks Wiki
Game Song Year Album
MTX Mototrax 20 Eyes 2004 Walk Among Us
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland My Chemical Romance - Astro Zombies (The Misfits cover) 2005 Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (Soundtrack)
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland The Network - Teenagers From Mars (The Misfits cover) 2005 Money Money 2020
True Crime: New York City Last Caress 2005 Static Age
Jackass: The Game Spinal Remains 2007 Static Age
Skate 3 London Dungeon 2010 12 Hits from Hell
Mafia III You Belong To Me 2016 Project 1950
WWE 2K20 Hybrid Moments 2019 Static Age
Grand Theft Auto V (re-release) (The Cayo Perico Heist) TV Casualty 2020