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  • Brad Walst – bass, backing vocals (1997–present)
  • Neil Sanderson – drums, keyboards, backing vocals (1997–present)
  • Barry Stock – lead guitar (2003–present)
  • Matt Walst – lead vocals (2013–present), rhythm guitar (2018–present)

Former member

  • Adam Gontier – lead vocals (1997–2013), rhythm guitar (2003–2013), lead guitar (1997–2003)

Songs in games

Adam Gontier era

Game Song Year Album
NASCAR Thunder 2004 I Hate Everything About You 2003 Three Days Grace
Karaoke Revolution Vol. 2 I Hate Everything About You 2004 Three Days Grace
WWE SmackDown! vs Raw 2007 Animal I Have Become 2006 One-X
WWE SmackDown! vs Raw 2007 Riot 2006 One-X
Shaun White Snowboarding Animal I Have Become 2008 One-X
Rock Band 4 (DLC) Never Too Late 2015 One-X

Matt Walst era

With My Darkest Days

Game Song Year Album
NHL 13 Save Yourself 2012 Sick and Twisted Affair

With Three Days Grace

Game Song Year Album
NBA 2K19 The Mountain 2018 Outsider
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