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Artist Song Other games
Sahara Hotnights Hot Night Crash Burnout 3: Takedown
Anti-Flag The Press Corpse Shaun White: Snowboarding/Road Trip
White Zombie More Human Than Human Jingle Bells Remix in Twisted Metal 3, original in The Bigs, Twisted Metal (2012), Dirty Drivin'
Shadows Fall In Effigy
The Photo Atlas Handshake Heart Attack
Public Enemy She Watch Channel Zero Angel Of Death in Tony Hawk's Project 8
Iron Maiden Different World
Lupe Fiasco Kick, Push NBA Live 07
Ministry Palestina
Motorhead Motorhead
The Autumn Offering Embrace the Gutter
Bad Brains Don't Bother Me
The Bouncing Souls The Gold Song Forza Horizon 3
The Bronx Oceans of Class
Charizma and Peanut Butter Here's A Smirk
Damone Out Here All Night Madden NFL 07
The Descendents Myage
The Dirty Heads Morning Light
Escape The Fate Reverse This Curse
Excel Drive
The Futureheads Yes/No
The Golden Gods Even I Don't Know
Good Riddance Texas
Jadox (J. Middleton) Cause and Effect
Lagwagon Heartbreaking Music
Left Alone Dead American Radio
The Loved Ones Suture Self
The One The Only Typicals Accelerator
Priestess No Real Pain
Prototype Synthespian
Razed In Black Visions
Sol Asunder Mislead
Stellastar Jenny
Strike Anywhere The Promise
The Start Shakedown
Thursday At This Velocity
Time Again Broken Bodies
Wildchild Code Red