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Tooth & Nail Records is a Christian rock record label[1] founded by Brandon Ebel in California, USA in November 1993. The label later moved to Seattle, Washington where it is situated today. It has been home to many well-known musical acts, including Underoath, Hawk Nelson, Emery, The Almost, FM Static, Family Force 5, and MxPx.

Tooth & Nail's first album released was Wish for Eden's Pet the Fish,[2] which was produced by Michael Knott and originally slated to be released by Blonde Vinyl. Subsequent releases from The Juliana Theory, MxPx, and Starflyer 59 made Tooth & Nail a strong force in Christian music circles, as well as a niche underground subculture in itself. Prior to forming Tooth & Nail, Ebel worked for the Christian label Frontline.

(*) - Artist never appeared in any videogame

Current Artists

  • Anchor & Braille*
  • Artifex Pereo*
  • Copeland
  • Disciple
  • Empty Idles*
  • Alexander Fairchild*
  • Aaron Gillespie*
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