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Artist Song Other games
The Apex Theory Apossibly
Apulanta Bring Me Down
Apulanta Circles
Apulanta Hell Yeah
Audiocrush Autumn Leaves
Audiocrush Of Loss and Fear
The Black Eyed Peas Release
Blackalicious Rock the Spot
Brush Green Hate Me
Brush Green Mind
Bubba Sparxxx Lovely
Consumed Dear James
Death on Wednesday Demons
Death on Wednesday Fall Tears Down
Death on Wednesday If You Want Project Gotham Racing 2
Death on Wednesday Winter
Dilated Peoples Live on Stage NBA 2K19, Remix in NBA Street Vol. 2
Downway Conspiracies Are Free
Downway Nothing at All
Downway Railed
Dr. Onionskin ABC's
Dr. Onionskin Everybody Come On
Dr. Onionskin Get into It
Dr. Onionskin Hard and Funky
Dr. Onionskin If It Ain't Got...
Dr. Onionskin Kids
Dr. Onionskin Odyssey 5
Dr. Onionskin Paris in the Spring
Dr. Onionskin Take Me, I'm Yours
Dr. Onionskin Universal
Dr. Onionskin Wise Selection
Essential Grooves A Beautiful Thing
Felonious Attain
Felonious Believe It Exists
Felonious Plasticmen
Felonious Set It in Motion
Fhonic Hott
Fhonic Mind, Body, and Soul
Furious IV Get Up, Get on It
Furious IV Threw the Teeth
Fury 66 Sunday Again
The Hippos Never Gonna Last
The Hippos Summertime
Hoobastank Crawling in the Dark Aggressive Inline, MLB Slugfest 2004, cover in Karaoke Revolution
Hopelifter Angel Heart
Jetlag Left on Center
Jim Crow Holla at a Playa
Jolt 45 Laughing
Jolt 45 Reality Check
The Line Monsters We Breed Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding
The Line Take What's Ours Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding
Lonely Kings Black Dahlia
Lonely Kings These Wars
Moonraker Evasion
Moonraker Mission
Moonraker Proximity
MyG 1, 2, 3 MC's
MyG Arab Trak
MyG Chill Track
MyG If It’s in the Game Amped 2
MyG Mummy
MyG No More Me
MyG Payback's a Bitch
MyG Saturday Amped 2
MyG Triton Beat
Noise Therapy Get Up
OTEP Battle Ready
Pepper Face Plant
Pepper Sittin' on the Curb
Pepper Stone Love
Quarashi Tarfur
Riddlin' Kids See the Light
Rurik High
Silvercrush Tired
Slow Motion Reign Rats
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