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aka Justin Tan

  • I live in Quezon City
  • My occupation is Social Media Manager of Filipino girl group DIVAS
  • I am male
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I would rather have Zephanie Dimaranan than any mumble rap that is full of cursing, or any in-game sports commentary.

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Truly proud to be a BLINK


Currently a fan of Maymay Entrata, Riva Quenery and AC Bonifacio, from the Philippines, and they are proud to be BLINKS

Hello everyone! I am Jskylinegtr, a fan of many female Filipino artists, i used to be a fan of EA's soundtracks, until i have changed my interest due to a change of scheme. I also am a fan of BLACKPINK. I somewhat dislike hip hop/rap in sports soundtracks (especially Madden NFL 19) due to excessive explicit content. I have moved from EA to work for Cornerstone Entertainment Inc.

Prior to becoming a BLACKPINK BLINK, here were my favorite soundtracks in video games.

Most hated genres in racing game soundtracks (if the soundtrack focuses on the genre)

  • Instrumental Drum and Bass.
  • Instrumental Electronic music

EA Soundtracks i loved until i moved to Star Magic

Favorite Madden soundtracks

Need for Speed soundtracks

Hard rock/heavy metal Bands i used to like until i became a BLINK

Most-hated explicit rappers

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