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Artist Song Other games
Jay Ray The Great Art of Living
Jay Ray 137
Jay Ray King Vultures
Jay Ray Crucial Fracture
Blind Channel Wolfpack
Blind Channel Alone Against All
Cyan Kicks Gasoline
Oceanhoarse The Oceanhoarse
Oceanhoarse Fading Neons
Shiraz Lane Tidal Wave
Shiraz Lane Harder to Breathe
Hail Sagan Doors-Will-Open
NoMansValley The Wolves Are C
A_Silent_Truth Chariot by AST
The Mowex (feat. Marcus Klavan and Matt Litwin) War
Black Dali Judas
GorillaPulp In Your Waters
State of Ember Denial
Globalix Electromechanics
xceed (Wojciech Panutnik) Check Point
studiodamas Messier-77

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Artist Song Other games
One Desire Hurt
One Desire Buried Alive
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